Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nyman..sigh > if you have heard anything more brilliant than this, then you must be delusional. The movie wasn't bad either..

Monday, March 17, 2014

Mad Mad March!

This space...this space needs to hold more. A couple of days ago, I watched Alexander, the movie, again...hmmm..Alexander, the *GREAT*. Why Great? Was he great because he ruled over three of the most literate civilisations of that time. Pen, Sword, Might and all that. The power of media will transcend the ages. That and Ho-Hos. One thing that struck me was how he was acting like his father. I have always maintained that we will all eventually become our parents. The more we loathed them in our youth, the more the chances of us mirroring their souls. We become our parents because we want to forgive them. Inside some dark sticky corner of all our hearts is a sad eyed child who wants to be loved by the frames that carry the loins they sprung from...Surely, we must have been loved or we wouldnt exist. Our existence needs to come from a bright and love filled place. But often, most souls are birthed from rape or drunken lust. And the etchings never fade. Those marks never really go away. You will see them in the slovenly, the broken ones, the haggard, in the swagger, as the hunched ones...the hungry and the insatiable ones. Everyone has a story. and so it goes..